Friday, March 15, 2013

March Goals- Check In

1. Run and/or walk 100 miles.
As of today I am at a total of 44.91/100 miles. Just under halfway where I need to be. Thankfully the 26.2 miles on Sunday will bring me up to a good point for the rest of the month. Enough that I'm still hoping to make up for the miles missed last month.

2. Try to finish the LA Marathon in under 6 hours.
Still hoping to reach this goal. I'm not confident that it will happen, but holding out hope. We will know on Sunday whether or not I am capable. (Yes, I am a slow runner)

3. Read two books.
I started The Perks of Being a Wallflower and have loved it so far. But my nook died and I keep forgetting to find the charger so that I can finish it. Not sure if I will be reaching this goal this month. Not giving up yet though. (Yes, I am a slow reader)

4. Continue to post journal and photo-a-day posts.

5. Make a plan to finish paying off debt.
Credit cards have been paid off. Plan has been put into place for paying back Isabel. I should be out of debt by December if not before.

6. Make a plan for working out.
Fail. I kept thinking that I should wait until after the marathon and I kept pushing it off, using that as an excuse. I promise that starting next week I will have a plan in place. I was watching The Biggest Loser the other night and Bob Harper was wearing a shirt that said: "3 days on 1 day off 365 days a year." I really like this idea because I know that if I take more than one rest day in a row I will fail.

7. Cook three times this month (recipes have all been chosen!)
Fail. Recipes have been printed, but they are just sitting there waiting to be used.

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