Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear Journal, 3/9/13

(I need to stop posting from my phone, or when I do I need to make sure the post gets published, because I've been posting these nightly..)
Dear Journal,
Q: A person you wanted to ignore today __________.
A: I wasn't really around a lot of people today so there really wasn't anyone to ignore. It's Saturday, therefore it's a day I choose who I'm around. This would have been a good question for a workday, lol!

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting at 7am then to Emma's soccer game at 1015. In between that time it was just Patrick, Isabel and myself.

Emma's soccer game was AMAZING! After ending the first quarter 0-4 we had little hope that the girls would wake up and start playing, but they pulled it out with a 9-7 win! Emma even got her first goal of the season. It was Go Firecrackers!

I came home after the game and did laundry and cleaned. I didn't quite get as much done as I wanted, but enough to feel productive. I'm going to be having surgery on the 20th (post to come soon) and will be out of work for anywhere from a week to a month (will know for sure at my pre-op appointment). I don't want to be doing too much while I'm supposed to be recooperating so I'm trying to get as much done now as I can.

Patrick went golfing this morning and when he came home he was very helpful and vacuumed and cleaned the carpets in the living room and dining room. They look so much better! I'm hoping we can finish up tomorrow (bathrooms and the kids bedroom) so that we can make a daily "chore chart" so that the apartment will stay clean. 

Picture of the day 3/9:

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