Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Journal, 3/11/13

Dear Journal,
Q: What was something you wanted today, but couldn't have?
A: I wanted sushi for lunch today, and a Snicker's bar for dessert, but I had neither. After a pretty unhealthy day food wise yesterday I decided to be as on plan as I possibly could for the rest of the week, or at least the days this week that I was not going to be celebrating a birthday.

This week alone I will be celebrating four birthdays. Wednesday is Patrick's birthday, Thursday is Isabel's birthday, Friday is Lorien's birthday and we will most likely be celebrating Leah's birthday on Saturday. So.. Many.. Birthday's! And that's just this week!

I know that in order for me to stay on plan I need to eat as well as I can, meaning I need to plan ahead for splurges. I know exactly what I'm going to be eating for dinner both Wednesday and Thursday and I know that I am going to have 1 oz of birthday cake each night. I know that this will probably equal one bite, but that's all I need to satisfy my craving. Plus, my birthday is coming up and I can splurge then on a full piece of cake.

Sushi was not on the menu today. And neither was a Snicker's bar. I stuck with my planned breakfast and lunch, which gave me 22 points for dinner. So I let Isabel pick and we went to In-N-Out. Didn't quite hit the spot like sushi and a snicker's would have, but I did not go over, so it worked.

Picture of the day 3/11:

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