Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Wednesday was my birthday and it was amazing, like always.

I got dressed up for work and felt beautiful. My coworkers took me to lunch for sushi and we celebrated with lemon meringue pie.

Lorien brought me presents, including a target gift card, a tshirt with different sayings from Friends and a cupcake book. My coworker Tina brought me beautiful flowers and a puzzle.

After work my phone died so I don't have any pictures from dinner with my family, but it was beyond amazing. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant in town and it was delicious!

I am very blessed to be surrounded by my family so often, but especially on my birthday. I got a gift card to target, a gift card for a facial (I've never had one before), a watch, cupcake liners, a new dress, shoes, a blouse and new earrings.

Then I opened my gift from Patrick. Tickets to see Jason Mraz in Santa Barbara in September. It's a one night show and I cannot wait!

I wish I had more photos, but it is what it is..

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