Friday, March 22, 2013

Online Shopping

I went online today to try to find a specific table lamp. I saw this lamp a few months ago and loved it, but didn't buy it because I didn't need it. Then I kept thinking about it and figured I could put it away until we buy a house, but I couldn't remember where I found it. Then Patrick moved a painting from the dining room to our bedroom and I started obsessing over these lamps and how perfect they would go in our room.

Then I thought I'd look online to try to find something similar and if these lamps from Target are not the same lamps I've been dreaming about then they are pretty darn similar...

Threshold™ Table Lamp with Pleated Shade - Orange

The painting is of a field of flowers, mostly red with a few yellow and one orange. I'm pretty sure this lamp will match it and will tie it together perfectly. Plus our furniture is black, so win-win.

But of course, you can't shop online without finding deals, and a lot of stores online give you free shipping if you place an order over a certain amount. That's how they get you to spend more money, and I'm a sucker so I did some retail therapy..

I will make excuses and say that I did need new work shoes, some of the items were on clearance and the shoes were buy one get one half off.. That and my cart had a lot more items before I deleted stuff. I can usually go in and find a bunch of stuff I like and then I slowly delete items until I have just what I really want. But who am I kidding? I'm a girl, I love to shop and if I find something that I like that I can afford I'm going to buy it.

Women's Merona® Erin Patent Mary Jane - Assorted Colors

Women's Mad Love Lynn Canvas - Pink
Fruit of the Loom® Fashion Cotton Boy Short 4 Pack - Assorted Patterns/Colors
Mossimo® Women's Printed Sleeveless Dress w/front zipper
Merona® Women's Cowl Neck Striped Pullover Tunic - Assorted Colors

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