Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I found a kitten...

Today at work, while leaving to go on my second scheduled walk for the day, I heard a noise. I asked my co-worker if she heard it. It sounded like a bird, or a cat.

Sure enough, there was a small kitten in the dumpster near work. We attempted to approach it, but it was scared and we decided to not go any closer in case it got out and ran onto the busy road we work on. I called the animal shelter down the street, but they said they don't pick up live animals unless they are in a box.

Ummm, okay? So you want me to approach a strange scared animal? Sure... Well, as I was heading back outside with a box, two of my co-workers were approaching me holding the little thing.

He's currently sitting on my lap sleeping. I'm taking him to the vet tonight and then my mom will be housing it until either she can convince my dad to keep it or find someone to give it a good home.

We are assuming that it is 6-8 weeks old. I'm trying so hard to not fall in love with it, just in case, but how can you not?

**Update 5/31: The cat is 7-8 weeks old and weighs 1 pound. He is currently living with my parents and they are in love with him. I tried taking him to my house but my cat, Marley, wasn't too thrilled. I would have taken the time for them to get to know each other, but the process is long and we are moving in less than a month. My parents seem to be very happy and so does their new kitty. He does not have a name yet.

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