Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Goals- Check In

The following were my goals for the month of May:

1. Buy a scale, weigh in and accept it- no matter what.
2. Walk and/or run 100 miles.
3. Start my photography portfolio.
4. Complete Bucket List item #39: Complete a cross-stitch.
5. Make a workout schedule weekly and stick to it.

Here is an update:

1. Scale was purchased. I have weighed in every Monday since. Results are currently pretty bad. Planning on doing better.

2. Currently at 45.49/100 miles as of this morning. More than likely not going to be reaching the 100 miles this month, however I should be over 80.

My current running shoes. I need to get new ones as these were my marathon shoes.

My two favorite running accessories. My GPS watch and my interval timer.

3. Have not started printing pictures. Still trying to decide which ones to print, which size I want my portfolio to be, etc. Here are a few quick examples from the memory card I have with me. Pretty random, but I like them..

4. In progress. Also will not be done this month, but I'm getting better about spending more time working on it.

This is what I have completed.

The flowers will be going all the way around the wording.

5. The workout schedule never actually got written down each week, however I have been more active and when I plan on working out I've been better about keeping my word.
This weeks schedule:
Mon- morning run, afternoon walk, 30 Day Shred
Tue- morning run, afternoon walk, arm DVD
Wed- morning run, afternoon walk, 30 Day Shred
Thu- morning run, afternoon walk, arm DVD
Fri- afternoon walk
Sat- morning run
Sun- rest

30 Day Shred. 
Finishing our cool down last night.

Yes, I am weak and only use 3 pound weights... For now.

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