Friday, May 4, 2012

Mammoth 2011

My family and I have gone to Mammoth for our family vacation almost every year since I can remember. There have been a few summer's here and there that we didn't get to go, but it's one of my go-to memories when I think of my family.

The following are just a few photographic reasons why I love Mammoth during the summer. For certain personal reasons, I could not include all family photo's.

Our 2012 family vacation to Mammoth is at the end of July. I cannot wait to go with my camera and take some more pictures! I just feel "home" when I'm here.

Devil's Postpile

Rainbow Falls

Rachel and me horseback riding

Twin Lakes

After the gondola ride, at the top of Mammoth Mountain

My dad and I usually go fishing at Lake Mary or at our secret spot. I haven't gone fishing with him in a few years, but I fully intend to go with him this year and catch a bigger fish than he does!

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