Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#52: Adopt a pet from a shelter. Complete!

Meet Marley.

As soon as we decided to move in together I started asking Patrick if we could get a cat. I had wanted one ever since I was little and had the devil cat straight from hell. I always imagined having a cat that enjoyed to cuddle, not one that would bite your ankles in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom.

When he and I moved in together last July I asked him his opinion about getting a cat. He was open to it, even though he would have rather had a dog. Due to our apartment rules though, we couldn't get a dog but a cat was okay.

We didn't want to rush into anything though. So we talked. Then we talked some more. Then we talked to the kids to get their opinion. We did a lot of talking.

And then one day during the summer we went to the beach. Patrick's daughter would not stop asking if we could get a cat. It got to the point where I thought we would never get a cat because Patrick was becoming quite irritated with her.

But on our way home he turned left instead of going straight and we stopped at the animal shelter. I didn't expect to find "our" cat the first trip, but there she was. She was friendly and cuddly and purred when we held her. My only fear was that she was in a cage with another cat and they thought they might need to be adopted together and we were not looking to get two cats. Thankfully, everything worked out for us. She had already been spayed and had received all her immunizations that she needed. We paid and took her home that day. We had been living together a month, so we ended up jumping into it anyway.

I think my favorite thing about Marley is her obsession with the ice maker. Anytime someone gets ice from the refrigerator she comes running. Any ice that falls is immediately batted around the kitchen until she's bored with it or until it's a melted pile of water.

She also insists on laying on top of whatever you are working on in order to get all the attention.

Her favorite place to sleep is either at the end of our bed near our feet (to pounce on in the middle of the night when we move) or in between Patrick and me on our pillows. 

We really lucked out with Marley. She was a year and a half when we got her, so she was already litter box trained. She's friendly, cuddly and just all around amazing. She fits right in with us with her quirks and we love her!

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