Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Showcase

As soon as Patrick proposed I started planning. No joke. I went out and bought a magazine and started figuring out what we wanted.

The first thing I needed was a budget. The second, a venue. Somehow I ended up here, and I was sold. It was on the higher end of our budget for the reception and ceremony, but I was in love.

Seeing the venue online was a lot different from seeing it in person the first time we met with the event coordinator. I was a little shocked to see it the first time, and the second, and even the third. Nothing was in place and it was very difficult to imagine what it would look like on our special day.

I started with what I had though, images of past weddings online, and magazines. So far we have almost everything. I think the final details left are just knickknacks and random decor for the venue.

I received an invitation a while ago for a bridal showcase at our venue and I immediately knew this was something I had to go to. They were going to have the tastings from the caterer they use as well as "dressing up" the venue with it's finest.

Without boring you anymore, the following are pictures from the event. We aren't doing everything they had out, but we are extremely excited and happy with our choice of where to get married.
Welcome to Walnut Grove.

Waiting for Patrick to show up.

Waiting to go in to the venue.

S'mores display. Patrick and I are planning on having s'mores as our party favors. We requested a fire pit at the venue and we were approved to do it with an email stating we would be the first to do so at Walnut Grove. Then we go to the showcase and see this. I jokingly asked the caterer if he stole our idea and his response was "I totally did!" I can't believe he admitted it! Oh well. I guess imitation is the greatest form of flattery or something like that.

Pie stand.

The cake and cupcakes were from Skiff's Cakes. We are using him as our baker. His cakes are delicious! And that's coming from a person who is not fond of cakes. Our cake is much simpler.

Wheel barrel with mason jar vase. We are using mason jars as part of our centerpieces, however we are using them as candle holders.

Decorated dinner table.



Patrick and myself. We are planning on bringing in some furniture and random decor similar to the bench.

Mason jar pie. Delicious!

I absolutely cannot wait until I can post pictures from our wedding! I have so many good ideas that I can't wait to actually see that day. I hope they turn out as good as I'm imagining them to be.

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