Friday, June 29, 2012

June Goals

1. Walk and/or run 100 miles.
Fail. As of this morning I am at 76.84/100. I don't see myself getting more than maybe 1 more mile in.
2. Track every day on My Fitness Pal.
Fail. I didn't track every day, but I did get better about tracking. I find that I am better about tracking during the week than I am on the weekends as I have easier access to a computer.
3. PR at the Arroyo Creek Half Marathon.
Success! My original PR was 2:49:47 and I finished at 2:39:10.
4. Complete at least one item off of bucket list.
Fail. No reason really.
5. Work on budgeting better using
I would consider this a fail. I did pay more attention to my excess spending, however due to moving expenses my budget was shot. I'm hoping since the move is done now we can work on our debts and our savings.

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