Friday, June 15, 2012

Mud Run 2012

This past Saturday was the Camp Pendleton World Famous Mud Run. Rachel, Patrick and I participated in the mud run two years ago and had such an amazing time!

It was definitely an easy decision when Rachel suggested we participate again this year.

I had an easier time this year going through all of the obstacles, and running the course in general. Possibly because I've been running a lot more than I had two years ago. Possibly because I knew what to expect. Either way, the before and after pictures are impressive.

Before- 2010

After- 2012. Maybe we just got smarter and took the picture from the waist up..




Here are some of the random pictures we took from that day.

Not sure if we're doing it again next year or not. I know Patrick said this was his last year, so we'll see what happens. Running is just not his thing, so I'm proud of him for doing it with us the last two times when he really didn't want to.

I think the awesomesauce that was our lunch was enough of an incentive to get him to do it this year. We love our Tito's!

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