Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Recap- In Photos Vol. 3


Patrick and I spent Friday afternoon unloading boxes. We got a lot done together in a short amount of time. Here is our new apartment before everything was moved in.
Our closet. It has 3 doors!

Our window.

Our bathroom.

The kids room.

The kids bathroom.
The living room.

Our front door.

The kitchen.

Our balcony.

Me and Patrick after moving a bunch of boxes up stairs.


We went and played bunko for a breast cancer charity called Rolling for Pink. It was so much fun! Since we had a group of 12, two women out of our group automatically went to the semi-finals. They didn't win, but it was still really exciting!

Random picture of Marley.

Rolling for Pink.

Rachel, my mom and me.

Our group of 12.
Bunko Boy.

Bunko Boy.

My moms shirt.


Today was race day (and moving day). It was my first solo half marathon. Rachel and I normally run them together, but she was a pace group leader this race and they were only training for the 10K. She ended up falling right at the end of the race and has some pretty nasty road burn and a swollen ankle. She's going to the doctor today and hopefully it's nothing serious.

The shirt we were given.

My bib.

My metal.

I finished in 2:39:06 (according to the website). I PR'd, taking 10 minutes off my best time.

Me and Rachel after the race. Even after falling she ended up crossing the finish line!

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