Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weigh In- Vol. 7

Weigh-in #7


This week: +1
Total Weight Loss: -0.6

I am getting really frustrated watching the scale yo-yo up and down. It's been doing this for months and I realized that I'm either at one extreme or the other. I'm either eating really well and not exercising a lot or I'm exercising a lot and not eating really well.

When will I find that balance? I just don't know what to do about that number on the scale and I'm so over the mind games that it plays. Life was so much simpler when I wasn't focused on losing weight. When I was happy with how I looked in the mirror.

I've been working on focusing on both eating well and exercising and using myfitnesspal has really helped me visualize how many calories I should be eating. I'm still struggling with what I'm using those calories on, but I really feel that even though the scale might not be moving in the direction that it should be moving in that I am still fitting into my clothes and I'm beginning to like what my body looks like.

There may not be huge differences in my before and during photos, but I think there are some differences. And maybe it's possible that I'm gaining muscle.. right? Right???



Random thought: I went to the beach on Sunday with the family. While laying there with my shirt on and trying to find a good position for my legs to look good I saw two teenage girls walking by with their itty bitty teeny weeny bikini's. They had perfect bodies and by the way they were walking, they knew they looked good. I sat there thinking about how I wish I had the self control to eat well and work out in order to look like that.

A little while later I noticed some other women near by. They did not have teeny weeny bikinis nor did they have perfect bodies. But, they did have confidence. They weren't trying to hide, they weren't embarrassed to be in a bathing suit enjoying the sun with their friends. They were there having a good time not caring what other people thought about them. And you know what? They looked damn good!

So, I decided that I don't want to be skinny. I want to be healthy and confident with what I have. Yes, I'm going to eat well and continue to exercise. Yes, I hope to tone up so that I can be happy with what I see in the mirror. But that's the difference. I want to be happy with what I see, I don't need to be concerned with what other people see when they see me.

Confidence (not arrogance) is, in my opinion, more sexy and more important than being thin.

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  1. I've been losing and gaining the same 3 pounds for the past 3 months...... it's very frusterating. It's the first time I've hit a roadblock in the year I've been losing weight. I've always consistently lost weight every week..... I'll just keep doing the right things and eventually, my body will catch up to me.