Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wedding Photo's

I did my best to narrow it down to my absolute favorites, but out of over 650 pictures I have over 600 absolute favorites. But since this is my blog I guess I can do whatever I want..

HA! Just kidding. I did add a lot, but not nearly as many as I wanted to. Patrick talked me into taking it down from 100 (not by much though).

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, although I doubt you will..

Getting Ready:
Isabel wearing my wedding dress.

Rachel putting on my "something borrowed." A beautiful bracelet from my new mother in law.

Finishing touches.

Head table decor.

Centerpiece and party favor.

Head table centerpiece.



Our rings.



Cake topper.

Patrick's parents, Lorie and Dave.

Patrick and his best man Jeff.

Shane, Jessica and Sean.

Kelly, Lorien and Bryan.


My niece Emma.

Kaleb, Isabel and Leah.
Patrick's first look at me.


Josh during his reading.

First kiss.

Just announced as Mr and Mrs.

Pure happiness.

And they lived happily ever after.
Wedding Party:
Isabel- Flower Girl.

Rachel- Matron of Honor.

Lorien- Bridesmaid.

Jessica- Bridesmaid.

The Girls.

Emma- Flower Girl.

Leah- Ring Bearer.
Kaleb- Ring Bearer.

Bryan- Groomsmen.

Jeff- Best Man.

Kelly- Groomsmen.

Sean- Groomsmen.

Shane- Groomsmen.

The Boys.

My new family.

Our Wedding Party- acting normal.

Our Wedding Party- acting like themselves.

Husband & Wife:



Best man's speech.

Maid of honor speech.
Shedding a tear.
First Dance.


Mother/Son Dance.


On our way to cut the cake.


Taking a moment.

I'm a horrible dancer.

You make me want to SHOUT!

Look at those moves.

It was absolutely the best night of my life. I wish we were able to go back and do it again, but for now I'm happy to have the memories of that night, and now the pictures to look back on.
All photo's by Charise Proctor.


  1. Omg DYING over the picture of Isabel in your dress. Sooooo cute. Your pictures are amazing!

  2. I know I said it on the boards earlier today, but I absolutely love all of your pictures. You look stunning! And I love the picture of Isabel your dress!