Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wedding Pictures via Facebook

Our wedding was so much more than I could have ever planned or imagined and I truly believe it was a huge success. We received many MANY compliments and I am thrilled with how everything turned out. It went by way too fast, but at the same time we were able to take a few moments to step back and take everything in. We are truly blessed..

The following wedding pictures were posted by friends and family. Thank you all for the sneak peeks! They are in no particular order...

My bridesmaid and best friend from Philadelphia, Jessica and me. Photobombed by Patrick's groomsmen Shane.

Jessica and Rachel

My beautiful bridesmaids, Jessica and Lorien.

Rachel and me before the ceremony.

Full body shot before the ceremony.

The first official photo as Mrs. Sawlsville

Full body shot post ceremony.


The new Mr and Mrs Sawlsville.


  1. Congratulations girl!! You look beautiful and it looks like the wedding was gorgeous :)

  2. You look gorgeous and so happy! Congratulations!