Monday, October 22, 2012

October Goals- Check In

1. Run and/or walk 100 miles.
Fail. Epically. I didn't expect to get 100 miles in this month, but I really did not think that I would only be at 7.46 at this point in the month. Oh well. I was a little busy getting married and all..

Excuses excuses. No worries though. I'm not that broken up about it. I know that I will not be reaching my goal of running/walking 1250 miles this year, but it gives me something to work towards next year. Yeah, next year's my year. Especially since I will be completing the following races: New Years Half Marathon in January, LA Marathon in March, Hollywood Half Marathon in April, Long Beach Marathon (hopefully),  Santa to the Sea Half Marathon (hopefully) and of course getting a ton of miles in at the end of the year training for The Goofy Challenge.

2. Bake more cupcakes.
So far, not so good. I have yet to bake this month. Again, I've been busy..

I plan on baking cupcakes on Wednesday for our running group on Thursday. We'll see how ambitious I get. I plan on using my new mixer (thanks to my mother and father in law) and cannot wait to see how easy it is to bake now. My wrist will be thanking me. I bought a new mix at
Marshall's of all places and may end up baking those. Is it a bad idea to bring cupcakes to a running group?

I'm beginning to run out of ideas for goals, especially because I keep failing the goals I make for myself. If anyone has any ideas for realistic goals for November please comment here for me to use for inspiration!

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