Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Getting Married Tomorrow!

And have had absolutely no time to blog at all.

There are pictures from the bachelorette party and other things I'd like to blog about, but that's all going to have to wait.

Today is a full day including work until noon. After work I'm getting my nails done and getting my eyebrows waxed in preparation for tomorrow. Getting my ring cleaned then getting ready for the rehearsal and dinner. I think the girls are going out for a drink or two afterwards and Patrick is going out for his bachelor party. My brother and law and one of my friends are going along with him. It may help him to behave... Not that I have anything to worry about.
Tomorrow morning starts with mani's and pedi's for my girls at 930am. We will then go to the hair salon at 1130. I plan on checking into our hotel afterwards and leaving my overnight luggage there. We are going to the venue at 130 to set up the centerpieces and other miscellaneous decor.

The photographer is arriving at 2 and everything starts then including makeup, getting dressed and having a celebratory drink to calm my nerves before the ceremony.

I plan on blogging a lot more about the wedding after the honeymoon. We are leaving Saturday afternoon for Lake Tahoe and we are really excited to be able to get away. It will be nice to just get away the two of us.


  1. Happy wedding day girl!! Congratulations!!