Monday, October 1, 2012

October Goals

1. Run and/or walk 100 miles.

2. Bake more cupcakes.

That's it for this month. I'm not putting any added stress on myself to make it through the month. I'm having a difficult time with all of the added adrenaline from being 11 days away from my wedding that I can't add any more onto it.

That and being really busy at work makes it difficult to think of more goals for this month.

I made cupcakes last night for the first time in a while and I can't think of a reason as to why I stopped in the first place. I love it so much so I'm making it a goal to do it more often. Maybe it will be my new happy place when I get stressed. I just have to remember to not sample them all if I want to fit into my dress..

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