Monday, October 1, 2012

Running Recap- 9/29/2012

When you are getting ready for a long distance run, there is nothing worse than realizing your GPS watch is dead. Especially when you plan on doing extra mileage afterwards and there's no one else with you.

No worries though. I was able to use map my run when I got home and got the mileage. A total of 16.08 today.

Obviously I cannot provide mile by mile time, but it was an interesting run.

The first 12.3 miles was with the group. It's the farthest distance I've done sticking with all the intervals in a while. I normally stick with Rachel and if she needs an extra walk break then I stay with her. I definitely felt the need to take extra walk breaks today, but my stubborn personality kept pushing me to finish. It got really hot out there too. But I made it.

Since my niece plays soccer and the fields were close to the running store I decided to stick around and wait for her game instead of driving home then back. I decided to walk some more and got in an additional 3.78 miles. My legs are tired.

All in all it was a good run. I got to talk to one of our leaders, John, about my future race plans. It seems like a good plan and it should keep me going for the next year to keep my mileage up and to be able to reach my goals. I'm really excited because...

I'm running the LA Marathon again next year..

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