Wednesday, April 24, 2013

At Least She's Honest...

I picked Isabel up from school today. She had a two page packet that they did in class today.

The first page has the alphabet on the left (both capital and lower case), numbers 1-30 on the right, shapes on both the top and bottom each with a color. The teachers went over each with the kids in the class and placed a red dot next to the letter, number, shape or color that the student needs to work on.

Isabel had zero red dots.

On the second page it had statements such as I can read my name, I can write my name, I know the letters of the alphabet, I play nicely, I can follow directions, etc and the student had to circle yes or no.

Isabel answered yes to every question except "I have good manners." The teacher wrote a note on the bottom of the page:

"I asked Isabel why she circled NO and she said, 'cuz I don't always listen to my mommy!'... She's honest! We adore her and look forward to her future."

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