Friday, February 1, 2013

21 Day Organization Challenge

I found this on Pinterest last night and I absolutely love the idea. (Because, you know all the other challenges I've started have worked out so well..)

I'm going to change a few of the days so that it works with my living space, but I think it's a great way to get things done without overwhelming yourself.

Day 1: Medicine Cabinet
Day 2: Coat Closet
Day 3: Under beds
Day 4: Laundry Room
Day 5: Handbag
Day 6: Under sinks
Day 7: Fridge/freezer
Day 8: Kitchen cabinets
Day 9: Make-up
Day 10: Bedroom closets
Day 11: Garage  Work space
Day 12: Craft supplies
Day 13: Linen closet  Bathrooms
Day 14: Backyard  Patio
Day 15: Bedroom dressers
Day 16: Jewelry box
Day 17: Living room
Day 18: Attic/basement Night stands
Day 19: Car
Day 20: Playroom/den
Day 21: Relish in the cleanliness!

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