Friday, April 27, 2012

Half Marathon #3

Three half marathon's down, four to go. At least four to go for this year. Maybe more. Who knows at this point... I'm addicted and I love it!

The Hollywood Half Marathon. April 7, 2012. Inaugural year. Starting at Universal City Walk with the course running down Hollywood Boulevard. And of course, in true Hollywood fashion, we were encouraged to dress up.

We decided that even though this race was only three weeks after completing the full marathon we couldn't pass up the opportunity to be included in the first year of a race. Unorganized? Yes, but that's to be expected the first year of any race. Our thinking is that this will be the half marathon course we race every year in order to keep our new titles as "Legacy Runners" for the Hollywood Half.

We were slightly disappointed when we got to the starting line and realized that not a lot of people dressed up. There were a few people here and there (Marilyn, Elvis, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz among others) but we were expecting a lot more participation. It really didn't matter though, because we were the dynamic duo and throughout those 13.1 miles we had so many people cheering us on because of our costumes.

Batman and Robin. Better known as Rachel and Tracy.

The first 10 miles of the course consisted of downhill and flat surfaces. Easy enough, except for the heat. Then at mile 10.5 it was straight uphill until mile 12.5. What were they thinking? Making the last 2 miles uphill... LOL! It wasn't too bad for me though.

Rachel started overheating early on, about half way through the course. It didn't stop us though. Our time goal was to finish in under 3 hours, and we did. With about 40 seconds to spare..

It was a really great day, and I think it shows why Rachel and I are such a good team together. We don't leave each other behind when we are running a race together. I probably could have PR'd. I was having a great running day. I felt great and was ready to go. But you don't leave your hero behind. At least not when you're the side kick.

Me crossing the finish line.

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  1. That's so fantastic! Congrats on your race and being cooler than everyone else and rocking a costume. :) Where in LA do you live? I'm on the westside.