Monday, January 23, 2012

2. Complete a 10K. Complete!

I have only entered one 10K since I started running. I never really thought about it much, considering a 10K is only 6.2 miles and I had already completed 3.1. I guess the opportunity to enter a 10K just never really came up. At least not until my brother in law, Shawn, ran in the World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run in 2009.

He had entered in the race with a group through his work. We had gone to cheer him on. It looked awesome! As we waited at the finishing line, watching people swim through mud, Rachel and I knew that this was something we wanted to do and decided that we would enter the following year.

Sometime between his race in June and sign ups at midnight on January 1st we had also talked Patrick (my boyfriend at the time, now fiance) to enter with us. We didn't have enough people to sign up as a "team", so we signed up as individuals. But that didn't keep us from having fun with it.

I guess I didn't learn from the 5K I entered, but we didn't start training until about 2 weeks before the race. We kept saying we had plenty of time and then there wasn't a lot of time left. We trained as much as we could those two weeks though. It was the longest distance I had to train for and the most intense training my sister put me through. I hit so many mental and physical walls.

But it was worth it. In June 2010 we ran in the World Famous Mud Run. We had so much fun the day of the race. It was intense, but it was the most fun I've had while running. We were sprayed by hoses, swam across a lake, ran up "suicide hill", climbed over walls, crawled through tunnels and swam through mud pits. Who wouldn't have fun doing that?!?

(me, Patrick and Rachel)

(Patrick and me)


I have yet to run another 10K since this one, however we have signed up to be in the World Famous Mud Run for 2012. I cannot wait to complete this race again. This time we'll be better prepared. Rachel and I are already in the process of training for the LA Marathon, so we'll be ready for 6.2 miles as well as all of the obstacles we'll encounter.

(Rachel, me and Patrick enjoying our after race carbs)

And, of course, we'll be ready for the after party! A nice cold beer really is the way to refresh after a run!

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